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Cure with herbs

Natural Remedies: Nature is the answer

Discover what nature can offer you in order to maintain the harmony of body and mind
One of the best app of this kind

This app is really irreplaceable fot those people, like me, who access to the internet every second in order to learn about the properties of food/herbs.

Great app, complete and clear

I always use Natural Remedies and this app gives me a lot of good tips. If you are interested in nature and health download this app people! Download it!

Great app

I recommend this app to those people, who want to learn more about this world. The app is well organised, rich in contents and functionalities.


Natural Remedies

The natural remedies always with you
Natural Remedies
Herbal teas, decoctions, glycerin macerates but also essential oils in this app rich in explanations and possible applications
Yoga and meditation
Yoga exercises for beginners with benefits in case of anxiety, stress and back pain are proposed
Healthy diet
The app proposes healthy small recipes, fast and rich in antioxidants and important properties for our body

The app for natural remedies, yoga and quick healthy recipes

Regularly updated
Rich in explanations

Natural Remedies

Your app for home remedies, helthy recipes and natural lifestyle. Available languages: English and Italian
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